From tightly packed bars in the ski villages of Switzerland, to the stages of some of Canada largest theater festivals, magician and stunt man David Eliot has confused, baffled, and straight up amazed audiences around the world. Born and raised in the city of Kingston Ontario, David was pinned as gifted in the performance arts from an extremely young age, however he did not reach his full performance potential until he picked up his first deck of cards. Mixing a blend of comedy, elegance, extreme energy, and that perfect dab of cockiness, David has created a character which has drawn praise from internationally renowned buskers, magicians, and audiences everywhere. Between the dangerous stunts he performs in his street act, and the amazing feats he performs on stage and at bars, David is the perfect performer for all scenarios. David has performed in festivals and restaurants all over, such as The International Kingston Buskers Festival, Jack Astor's, Winnipeg Fringe Festival, Grand Bend Buskers Festival, Edmonton International Fringe Festival and is currently preparing to tour Canada during the summer of 2017 with his new show AMAZE- A Comedy Magic Show!